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Heather & Allen

This was the best wedding I have ever photographed. Heather & Allen were just the sweetest and nicest people you could ever meet.

wedding couple
Heather & Allen

The wedding took place on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Site which is where Nasa and other private companies operate. This is a very unique venue and an absolutely exceptional opportunity to have a wedding there. I got to take some really incredible shots of Heather & Allen at some old launching sites but I am not able to post these as they are top secret. It was a really fun, exciting and wonder full day and experience to shoot this once in a lifetime wedding. By far the best job I have ever had. A wonderful couple and family and a spectacular location. Plus the photos came out nice, too, haha.

Wedding couple photography


Family photo

Wedding celebration

wedding couple

ring carrier at wedding

first look
First Look

just married
Just Married

wedding couple kissing

wedding ring ceremony

first look
First Look

wedding ceremony
Ready For The Big Day!

wedding couple photography

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